DAS Wholesale with Don Riggs

Customer Loyalty – We have a mortgage loan product for almost any situation. Having more loan programs available will help you retain your current customer base allowing them to continue to work with you, the entity they know and trust. No need to go anywhere else. New Customers – Conversely, you could obtain new customers, who are currently banking elsewhere, by oering the mortgage loan that they need. Being there with the “right” loan will give you the opportunity to show them what you have to oer. Why Enter into a Third Party Origination Agreement?

Cross Selling – During the loan process, you have the ability to analyze the credit report and see if there are other opportunities to help the borrower such as refinance a car loan or other debts.

Generate Revenue – DAS Wholesale oers a very flexible compensation plan for originating loans through a third party origination agreement. You can choose how many basis points you want to get paid on each loan, and then price your loans accordingly. Contact us to learn more about compensation.

No Big Local Banks – We do not sell our loans to any of the big local banks. The investors that we work with are large services and large depositor banks that are not in our area.

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